Library layout

CampusFloorRoom, areaNameCollection or related services
Library (one campus)First floorRoom B-108-2Multimedia ClassroomDocument retrieval lesson inspection training, training.
Second floorCentral Hall AThe total service deskAlso book, book a book, loan card report the loss, book claims, for departure procedures.
To apply for a part-time student's or teacher's credit card; (For full-time student loan card: 9th Floor, New Building, District Chief Editor's Office).
Hall A southwest sidePublic directory query areaProvide search machine.OPAC (Online Public Inquiry Directory) Retrieval (Retrieval Machine is available on each floor hallway and reading room).
A hall northwest sideNewspaper reading areaChinese and foreign newspapers of the year.
Literature, sports, life, popular science, current affairs periodicals (indoor reading, photocopy in the library).
Room A-205-2Electronic Reading RoomProvide a wired network environment.
Internet access to access electronic resources and network resources, downloadable information.
Room B-210-1Chinese social science lending roomChinese Social Science Books after 1990 (Economic Books after 2000) (Open Books).
Room B-212Literature and art loan roomLiterature, art, history books (open shelves).
South of Hall BPrinting CenterCopy, offset, bookbinding, printing (including color and network online printing).
the third floorRoom A-301-2Foreign language loan room
Computer technology lending room
Foreign language books (open loan).
Computer Technology Books (Open Borrowing).
Room B-304-2New book reading roomThe last two years of Chinese books (indoor reading, photocopy in the library).
Room B-306-2Chinese science and technology lending roomChinese science and technology books after 1990 (open shelving).
Room A-309-2Comprehensive lending roomChinese / English books prior to 1990 (economic books 2000 years ago) (Open Book Loan).
The fourth floorRoom A-402-1Back issue reading roomChinese and foreign journals after 1991 (indoor reading, photocopy in the library).
Room A-404-1Special documents roomThe school Shuobo dissertations, national standard, yearbook (indoor reading, photocopy in the library);For printing and electronic version of the school Shuobo master's degree thesis acceptance procedures.
Room B-406-1Information retrieval roomEI, SCI and other search and certification;library database using consulting services;this major retrieval course teaching and research.
Room B-406-21, check the new workstation,
2, reference books reading room
Technology search, document delivery services (scope: domestic institutions).
Chinese and foreign language reference books (indoor reading, photocopy in the library).
Room B-407Information sharing spaceProvide wired and wireless Internet access; research space provides three research areas for discussion, can be a small discussion exchange; free access and download network resources and database resources; information sharing space for large-scale academic exchanges and seminars.
Room B-409-2General JournalChinese and foreign journals before 1990 (indoor reading, photocopying in the library).
Fifth floorRoom A-501-1Foreign language sample libraryForeign language samples (indoor reading, photocopying in hall, short-term loan to foreign students).
Room A-5191, national defense engineering literature reading room
2, CALIS provincial literature and information service center
3, National Defense Military Reading Room
Defense, Aeronautics and Astronautics books, newspapers and periodicals, science and technology reports (AD, PB, DE, NASA), national defense and aerospace electronic resources (indoor reading);
Document Delivery Service (Scope: CALIS member institutions in national universities, national defense colleges and universities).
Room B-520-1Ancient reading roomPhotocopying of ancient books, ancient books installed wire mesh (indoor reading, photocopy in the library).
Room B-538-3Chinese library sample libraryChinese books samples after 2000 (indoor reading, photocopy in the library).
Room A-540-1General libraryChinese / Russian book samples from 1988 to 1999 (indoor reading, photocopy in the library).
Library (two campuses)First floorThe total service deskThe total service deskAlso book, commissioned to take books, credit card report the loss, the solution to report the loss, book claims, for leave procedures.
CafeNewspaper reading areaChinese and foreign newspapers of the year.
Literature, sports, life, popular science, current affairs periodicals (indoor reading, photocopy in the library).
Room 111-112Dense library1985-2009 social science books, 1985-2009 part of science and technology books, sci-tech periodicals (closed borrowing).
Second floorRoom 204Information CenterInformation consulting, technology search new, retrieval certification, academic services;
Discipline development trend analysis, intellectual property intelligence analysis, competitive intelligence analysis;
Room 205Document Retrieval Course DepartmentDocument retrieval course construction, teaching, seminars, courses Q & A.
Room 206-208Seminar roomTo provide readers with an excellent learning environment and independent research space, can learn to exchange, academic seminars, conferences, teaching and training activities.
Room 209-210Multimedia training roomUndertake literature retrieval course teaching, on-machine internship; But the database training.
Room 213-214Electronic Reading RoomTo provide readers with the use of Internet terminal services, to guide readers on the use of various types of electronic document resources.
Third floorRoom 301-302-303Science and technology books borrow areaPost-1985 science and technology books, foreign books (open shelves).
Room 304-305-306Social science books borrow areaSocial science books after 2009 (open shelving).
Fourth floorRoom 403-404Chinese sample book reading roomScience and technology sample books (indoor reading).
Room 406-407Quality Education Reading RoomQuality education books (indoor reading).
Room 408-409-410Basic teaching reference areaTP (Computer Technology) Books, O (Physical Science and Chemistry) Books, H (Language) Books, and Z Comprehensive Books (Open Borrowing).
Fifth floorRoom 501-504Music appreciation centerProvide our teachers and students with space for music and video appreciation, arts exchange and artistic accomplishment enhancement.
Room 505-507Foreign Language Learning CenterForeign language learning center, English flip classroom learning platform, online and offline self-learning, real-time classroom, interactive exchange.
Room 508-509Special documents roomDissertation online submission, review, cataloging and daily external service, organization and management.
English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese four kinds of reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other books external service, management and daily reception of readers.
Library (Building Branch)Room 168Circulation bookshelfArchitecture Design, Urban and Rural Planning and Landscape Books (Open Borrowing).
Room 171-175Chinese base libraryArchitectural design, urban and rural planning and landscape books (indoor reading).