Readers notice

In recent years, the school has successively purchased some foreign full-text online databases, basically meeting the needs of teachers and students in the whole country for the original foreign literature and played an active role in improving the teaching and research level of our school. In order to protect the rights of our school's readers to use the Internet database legally and to regulate the usage of the Internet database, the following provisions are formulated:

First, prohibit the full period magazine full-text download.

Second, the use of any automatic download software or smart robot download tools (such as NetAnt, DLExpert, Getright, Netvampire, etc.) to download the network database.

Third, a user's download request does not allow more than 30 times / hour.

Fourth, without agency authorization, any unit or individual may not privately set proxy server, the school's full text network database available to outside units.

Fifth, in case of any violation of the aforesaid provisions, the network center and the library shall cooperate in tracing the offenders and, once verified, will be punished as follows:

1. The school will limit the use of authority of the IP address of the unit to which the offender belongs, and publicize the name of the violator, the unit where the infringer is located and the mistakes made on the campus network until the campus network account is canceled.

2. The offender must bear all the economic losses caused thereby, and according to the seriousness of the facts of the wrongdoer's mistake, the school will impose economic penalties on IP users and IP registrants.

Loan card for the process


Rent rented locker process


1、The library offers two kinds of school bags counter:

(1) Automatic access to bookcases

Readers with free access credit card access, limited access (up to 8 pm).

(2) Non-automatic access to bookcases

The library provides rental of bookcases. Leased by their own student card (card) for rental procedures (only one cabinet), on a monthly basis (30 days) from the lease expires can be renewed. No unauthorized sublease.

2、Not allowed to privately occupied non-automatic access bookcases. Upon discovery, the library will punish the occupants;

3、Lockers are not allowed to store flammable and explosive and other public safety goods;

4、Storage cabinet not to store cash and valuables, if lost, the library shall not be responsible for;

5、Due to the renter or user caused damage to the storage cabinet, the library according to the extent of the damage punishment;

6、The retention of goods in the counter storage cabinet:

(1) Automatic access to bookcases

Librarians clean up and automatically access the bookcases at 8.30 pm every day. If any detention items are found in the counter, the left-behind items will be left on the table next to the counter. If there is any loss, the library shall not be held responsible.

(2) Non-automatic access to bookcases

If the renewal procedures have not been renewed but still occupied by the users of the bookcases, the library will stop its borrowing function and have the right to deal with the contents of the bookcases. The loss shall be the responsibility of the illegal occupants.

7、the ultimate interpretation of this management regulations go to the library.

April 9, 2012

(First Edition: May 15, 2009)
(Second Edition: November 9, 2011)
(3rd edition: April 9, 2012)

Assistant Hall bid process


Lending reader rules and relevant rules and regulations

Library lending service is located in the third floor of our library, the implementation of possession, borrowing integrated management. Borrowing rules are as follows:

1. The reader is required to borrow books from the Library's library card.

2. Library card only for personal use, may not be loaned to others, offenders fine 2 yuan.

3. Book books and deadlines:

Teachers borrow books: 12 volumes

Graduate library books: 12 volumes

Undergraduate library books: 12 volumes

Into the students borrow books: 6 volumes

Loan period: Teacher: 2 months

Student: 1 month

Note: TU civil engineering branch library professional books, undergraduate students to borrow 4, 5 graduate students to borrow, into a student borrowing 1.

Literary books (Call No. I) can only borrow two books.

4. Renew the rules

Readers can renew once, for a period of one month

5. Penalty rules

Book expired 0.05 yuan per day fine

Borrowed books prejudice the phenomenon of declaration, stamped with stamps to clarify the responsibility.

Readers deface books, according to the severity of book prices of 10% - 50% to be fined

On the book board lost a fine of 2 yuan

6. Lost book compensation rules

Lost Chinese books 3 times the book price to be indemnified

Loss of foreign books by 5 times the book price to be indemnified

(1) Those who can not repay books in time due to business trips or factory internship may go to the library for formalities in advance, and may return the books within one week after returning to the school with the agreement of the person in charge of the department, otherwise they will be dealt with overdue.
(2) The borrowed book should be inspected in person, if there is any broken or missing page, it should promptly declare to the staff and seal it accordingly to clarify the responsibility.
(3) The reader should take care of the books. Do not draw, deface or tear the books arbitrarily. The facilities attached to the book (magnetic needles and barcodes) should be protected, not be damaged or altered, and the offenders should be punished severely.
(4) The books borrowed by readers should be properly kept in case of loss, loss, compensation according to regulations.
(5) Readers borrow books, should be conscientious handling of borrowing procedures. Those who privately take the book out of the outdoors, all by stealing the book office, and reported to the school for notification and punishment.
(6) Library card should be kept in custody, if lost should immediately declare the loss, to report the book before being fraudulent, I am responsible for.

Library training dedicated multimedia classrooms located in a library 108 rooms, Room 108 with network training conditions, to maximize the interaction between teaching and learning. To maintain the training order and training equipment, the following provisions are hereby made:

First, the use of civilized classroom rules:

1, keep quiet, are not allowed in the classrooms and corridors slapstick or loud noise.
2, keep the clean classroom walls, spitting should not spit, tap the walls, littering peels, paper scraps, debris, shall not be desks, chairs, and walls painted, scored and posted.
3, shall not wear slippers, hurdle vests, sports shorts into the classroom.
4, class should focus on listening, not free to speak, eat, sleep.
5, no smoking, prohibit the use of open flame, prohibit illegal use of electricity.
6, the classroom furniture and other electrical equipment for the use of the classroom, without the consent of the competent department shall not be moved out of the room, not to move for other purposes.
7, before leaving the classroom, please clean up and bring your own items to prevent loss.

Second, the use of equipment management regulations:

1, the multimedia classroom is a library dedicated classroom training, equipment users should check the integrity of the equipment before use, if there is a problem, notify the management staff to deal with.
2, the user should strictly operate according to equipment specifications, always pay attention to the operation of equipment, in case of failure, should immediately stop using the report manager to deal with and explain in detail the reasons for the failure, if not reported at the time, all its responsibilities Responsible by the parties.
3, Any person is not allowed to change the connecting line of instrument and equipment without authorization, and shall not move or disassemble any instrument or equipment without authorization, and shall not take the instrument or equipment out of the classroom for unauthorized use.
4, the user in the course of the multimedia classroom equipment is responsible for the safety protection, as a result of the user is not responsible for the loss of or damage to equipment, you need compensation.
5, If you need to install teaching software, must be approved by the management staff and arranged by the management staff. Own software should be installed in the designated partition self-built directory, do not arbitrarily change the information under the built directory.

Third, the relevant provisions of the punishment:

1, Violation of the above provisions of classroom management personnel have the right to stop, criticize education and ordered compensation.
2, disturbing the training order unreasonable personnel, will be sent to the school security guard by the gatekeeper.
3, Intentional disassembly, damage to facilities, equipment, in addition to the price of compensation, the corresponding punishment; bad or serious consequences, in addition to price compensation, according to the relevant laws and regulations be held criminally responsible.
4, the interpretation of the provisions of the library Harbin Institute of Technology, if there are other unfinished matters, according to the relevant provisions of the school.

Readers borrowed books from each lending room, be sure to pick up the books, and use it correctly.

(l) Firstly, take the substitute bookboard (large and small) at the entrance with your library card
(2) When you select a book on the shelf, whenever you remove a book, you should promptly insert the book board (long board) into the book location, and if the book is not needed, return the book to the bookboard Location, and then pumping off the book board and then select books.
(3) When you choose a book and decide to borrow the book, you should return the book board (long and short board) to the entrance at the same time, retrieve the book sign, and then go through the borrowing procedure.
(4) If the reader does not borrow books, only reading, then when you select a book, you can put the book board (long board) into the location of the book you choose not to be withdrawn, to be finished reading, you can hand small Board number will be back to the big board, and then large and small two boards at the same time return the entrance to your library card back.

Readers due to graduation, job transfer and other reasons to leave HIT, should be required to go to the library procedures for departure. The procedure is as follows:


(1) pay off all borrowed books, if there is a book on the library card is not yet returned, please go to the library to handle the book or loss of indemnity procedures.

(2) lost books indemnity standard lost books indemnity amount (yuan) = book price × (3-5) times (yuan)

(3) Master Shuo leave school requirements Before leaving school, the required graduation thesis printed version and electronic version submitted to the library, holding a receipt for leave procedures. Submit online papers and submit electronic form papers, please go to the library home page "dissertation submission."

(4) Undergraduates who are going to study in our university should go through formalities of leaving school as required.

Reimbursement for the location of the book: the second floor of the library lobby also Office.
Renting process of Study room


Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exchange students apply for a library card and leave school card process