Department contact

Common service contact:

Service itemsLocationContactPhoneE-mail
Office, fill, refund credit cardTotal Desk (District: Lending Hall)Wang Qiu86402416 
Card Management Room (Area II: 202)Zhao
Leave school proceduresTotal Desk (one area: second floor hall)Wang Qiu86402416 
Information Retrieval Room (Second District: Sunshine Hall, fourth floor)Xia Dongling86282185 
Building Branch (Room 168)Zheng
ConsultationInformation Retrieval Room (District 1: A-406-1)Tian
Information Center (District II: 204)Wang
Book lending adviceTotal Desk (one area: second floor hall)Wang Qiu86402416 
Total Service Desk (District 2: First Floor Service Desk)Xia Dongling86282185 
Electronic reading room useElectronic Reading Room (District 1: A-205-2)Liu
Electronic Reading Room (Second District: 213)Meng
Technology search newCheck the new workstation (one area: A-406-2)Li
Information Sharing Space (Area II 205)Song
University thesisSpecial Documents Room (District 1: A-404-1)Sun
Specialty Literature Room (Dissertation) (Second District 508)Sun
Interlibrary Loan (National)CALIS Provincial Center (District 1: A-519)Liu
Interlibrary loan (CALIS member hall)CALIS Provincial Center (District 1: A-519)Chu
Network SystemsTechnical Department (one area: B-209-1)Xu
Multimedia classroom useInformation Retrieval Room (District 1: B-109)Geng
Reader's opinionDeputy Director Room (Area I: B-109)Wang
Contact to visitBusiness Office (District 1: B-208)Ning
Student volunteersOffice (District 1: B-109)Geng
DonateOffice (District 1: B-109)Tan
Student helpOffice (District 1: B-109)Tan
Copy, binding, offset printingPrinting Center (District: A-207)Zhai
Safety guardTransceiver roomDoorman86414237 
Transceiver roomDoorman86288215 

Curator Assistant Contact:


Work place



Wang Xiaodan

First district


Li Jingkai

Second District


Department Director Contact:

Department nameDirectorPhoneE-mail
Business officeNing
Administrative officeChi
Editing departmentHan
Technology DepartmentYang
Information Department (First district)Ji
Information Consulting Division (Second District)Song
Reader Services (First district)Qi
Reader Services (Second District)Wang
Reading Promotion DepartmentSun
National Defense Engineering Literature Reading Room
CALIS Provincial Defense Document Information Center Office
Building branchZheng