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SAGE Publishing Company was founded in the United States in 1965, branches in North America, Europe, South Asia and the Pan-Pacific region. Committed to becoming a natural home for authors, editors and associations, SAGE publishes more than 490 high-quality scholarly journals in collaboration with more than 245 professional academic societies around the world, publishing 12-15 encyclopedia and more than 700 new books each year. By visiting SAGE's full-text periodical database, we can support and promote the cooperation among professional academics, faculty and students in media, education, psychology and counseling, sociology, criminology, urban research and planning, political and international relations, business management and Histology, Tourism, Adolescents and Geriatrics, Methodology, Archeology Anthropology, Linguistics, Food Science, Information Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Chemistry and Materials Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Life Sciences, Nursing, Health Science and clinical medicine more than 40 disciplines of original academic research.

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