Imagine Star e-book platform

Database Description:

Imagine the Star is the reader can buy e-book platform, the specific use:

(1) readers need to register to read e-books on the platform, register an account, you need to activate, enter the mailbox activation is successful, use the registered account login system.

(2) Readers can browse the contents of the e-book through the classified navigation on the platform, and can also retrieve e-books. If the library does not have a platform ebook, readers can recommend the library to purchase the book.

(3) Once you have purchased the book library, you can read and download the full text of this book. Library e-book readers do not buy can only be online or preview download, read the first 30 pages.

(4) All file format is text format, full-text search can be achieved, the text is clear, multi-level zoom in or out can be achieved. E-book online trial and read do not need to install the reader can be opened directly, the reader can also install the PC client or mobile client reader e-book download and offline reading.

(5) There are 130 kinds of free e-books for readers to read in the column of "Main Library Resources" on the home page, and the free e-books are increasing every month.

(6) Students borrow books to the local (pc end or mobile end), the need to return due. If you do not return, the system will be automatically returned, after the return will not be able to read the book to borrow, if you want to read the e-book platform to borrow again.