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Database Description:

Founded in Tsinghua University in 2000, Shu Hong is a pioneer of digital publishing in China. It fully satisfies the needs of different groups of people through text reading, loan management and other procedures. It provides readers with a comprehensive set of reading and interaction In one "24-hour barrier-free borderless" reading, to achieve any person anywhere at any time access to digital library content.


(1) Scholar Chinese product resource types are humanities and social sciences, providing 100,000 kinds of digital books and 30,000 audiobooks, and 20,000 books are updated each year. There are exclusive authorized resources: Commentary, crosstalk, folk art and other traditional works of art, to experience the charm of listening to books.

(2) Chinese online books are mostly PDF and TXT text format, the book is clear.

(3) platform service model books more recommended.

(4) The way of reading is relatively new, "Bookstore platform" belongs to the Internet digital library.

(5) Bookstore platform download mode is a model, books can be lifelong ownership.

(6) platform to support mobile reading, providing a multi-version client.

(7) Platform function design into a rich human interaction of book friends, essay contest and other functions.