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Since the founding of New China until now, the annual update of 80,000

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IP control

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Browse and part of the trial do not need to install a browser, view the entire book and download the need to install pdf browser, there is a link in the database.

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There is no limit on the maximum number of logins


Beijing Century Show Technology Co., Ltd.


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2.48 million bibliographic information, 1.7 million full-text book. 80,000 kinds are updated every year

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Readers just a login, you can enjoy some of the original reading books, read the full text of the download e-books, library paper library books, library mutual knowledge, through the Email document delivery, such as one-stop full-service. The database provides six main search channels, such as full-text search, books, periodicals, newspapers, conference papers and dissertations. By choosing any channel search, multidimensional information related to books, people, periodicals and newspapers will be displayed, Search function.

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