Learning Network All Media Independent Learning Library

Database Description:

Learning Network All-media self-learning library set personalized learning, intelligent testing, authoritative information, open interactive Q & A, personal space as a whole, is the first to provide "learning, practice, test, question and answer," the entire service of independent learning platform, To help teachers and students in all aspects of enhancing self-learning ability.

(1) The content covers most of the major disciplines: foreign languages, PubMed, civil servants, accounting, law, medicine, construction, personnel examination, self test, into the test and other categories.

(2) online intelligent test: hundreds of thousands of selected questions.

(3) interactive knowledge database: The platform provides tens of thousands of knowledge points of interactive knowledge database, and provide supplementary answering service, breaking the traditional online learning, encountered problems can not answer, affect the learning effect of the situation.

(4) Boutique Courses: Students and students can re-use any of them for free and unlimited.