JSTOR ebook

Database Description:

JSTOR eBooks come from a number of prestigious schools, including Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, Georgetown University and other publications, covering a wide range of disciplines, including business economics, education, history, language and literature, law, philosophy, political economy, science and technology , Religion and sociology and other diverse areas to provide teachers and students in education, learning, research and other aspects of more help.

Jstor eBooks have the following features:

  • Perpetual Save: All JSTOR eBooks will be saved in Portico ( is ITHAKA's Digital Preservation Service).
  • Integration with Familiar Platforms: All Books Integrate with JSTOR This platform has been widely used by researchers, students and faculty.
  • Improve resource discovery: Make books easier to find through rich book metadata and JSTOR out-of-network links.
  • Seamless integration with journals: The JSTOR platform currently has over 2 million book reviews and 600,000 bibliographic data. Cross-searching and linking between books, periodicals, and commentary can make online research faster, easier and more efficient.

JSTOR provides the use of e-books as follows:

(1) The full text online reading, presented in chapters

(2) DRM-free unlimited download

(3) Single Chapter Download Support Mobile Vehicles

(4) unlimited download

(5) Can copy and paste the chapter content

(6) Same usage as JSTOR journals