Springer ebooks

Database Description:

Springer eBooks is the first online database of books specifically designed to meet the needs of researchers and scientists. At present, Springer eBooks contain over 54,000 eBooks, including STM Books, Books and Reference Books, and more than 8,000 newly published titles are added each year to readers read online.

Springer ebook features:

1. Have continuous access to the book you ordered.

2. Integration with Springer e-journal on the same platform SpringerLink, fully seamless link function.

3. The concept of digital library integration, to provide DOI to the chapter level, full-text indexing.

4. Users can download MARC21 format catalog data.

5. By the IP control, there is no concurrent user restrictions, to maximize the user's freedom to use.

6 in line with the standard Counter usage statistics.

7. provide the entire book download.