Wiley eBooks (Engineering Science and Mathematical Statistics Package)

Database Description:

The Wiley e-book resource is integrated with resources such as Wiley's journals, reference books, and lab guides on the onlinelibrary platform, allowing readers to cross-search. Wiley e-book content is mainly engineering sciences package and mathematical statistics package.

(1) Engineering Science Discipline Package: Engineering e-books including composite materials, electrical and electronics, mechanical engineering, computer science, nanotechnology, energy, construction, civil engineering and physics. Many of these books are published in collaboration with leading societies such as the IEEE, the American Ceramic Institute, and the TMS. There are also engineering books won Prose awards, many books are the world's elite collection.

(2) Mathematical Statistics Discipline Package Including Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Combinatorial Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Geometry and Topology, Graphics Theory, Logic and Basic Science, Mathematical Analysis, Number Theory, Numerical Methods, and Microwave Analysis . Most of the same books are the world's major elite collection.