King map international foreign digital library

Database Description:

Source of books: American publishing online company; McClossu company

The characteristics of International Figure Electronic Books

1. Has a sufficiently large stock of resources, has now introduced more than 200,000 species.

2. All text types, high-definition, unlimited zoom.

3. Thoroughly solved the copyright issue.

4. No copy limit, allowing students to read at will also reduce the cost of single-use.

5. Instead of using network access mode of service, but mirroring to the local, so that the library has a permanent right of use.


(1) File Format: Full text format file, high definition and unlimited zoom.

(2) Source of the paper: The book files are all converted from pure electronic documents.

(3) space occupancy: text format, occupy minimal space.

(4) search function: can achieve a variety of search.

(5) special features: text can be discolored, circle note, crossed, automatic scrolling and many other treatment, to facilitate the reader application.