International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) eBook

SPIE introduction:

SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering) is a renowned professional association dedicated to the theory, engineering and applications of optics, photonics and electronics. Our library has purchased SPIE e-books from 1989-2017. SPIE journals, conference proceedings and e-books use the same platform.

Applications: Sensing, lighting and imaging, medical diagnostics, optical instruments, defense, laser, astronomy, solar energy and more.

Book Series: Spotlights (peer-reviewed, recent technical guides), Press Monographs, Tutorial Texts, and Field Guides (Introductory and Guide to a Study Area)

SPIE access method:

  1. CERNET line, IP control access, no restrictions on the number of concurrent users.

  2. E-book format is PDF, available for viewing, downloading and printing.

  3. Books published after 2014 have HTML format chapters.


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