Superstar academic video

Database Description:

Superstar academic video invited well-known domestic and foreign experts and scholars, academic authority, through their years of academic research imaging technology to systematically record, save and disseminate, all topics and teachers are selected by the professional, authoritative super academic video academic committee carefully planned and Selection, so that scarce academic masters, teacher resources to break the time and space constraints for the national university teachers and students and researchers to share, the academic community will be pushed to the campus, to the community.

The Superstar Academic Video is a video database tailored for colleges and universities. The teacher lecture forms include excellent courses, special lectures and interviews with masters to meet the needs of the times of academic video dissemination and teaching. At present, it has covered such disciplines as philosophy, literature, economics, history, law, engineering, science and medicine, and has formed distinctive features in the fields of literature, history, philosophy and philosophy and won the praise of the audience. As of March 2010, 1600 famous and famous domestic and foreign photographers have been photographed and 17,000 titles have been produced. Each year 10,000 new titles have been produced to meet the needs of large-scale teachers and students nationwide.

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