Imaginative Star CD-ROM database

Solemnly declare:

My library uses "Imagination Star CD-ROM Database" to provide teachers and students in the campus network for personal study. Please pay attention to and comply with the relevant provisions of the intellectual property rights of electronic resources, may not be used for any commercial CD-ROM image files, if any irregularities, all legal consequences arising from the offender's own!

With the book CD-ROM database (CD-ROM data is only used in the campus network)

Into use:

1. Database Introduction

With the continuous development of modern technology, many publishers publish an example or commentary on the use of CD-ROMs. At the same time, most of the publishing houses used computer-based CDs and then extended the use of other industrial technologies. Development to social sciences. It can be said that today's CD-ROM has covered almost all subject categories. With the advent of the book CD, not only increased the background of the book information, but also enhance the readability and practicality of the book, to the reader's learning has brought great convenience, and therefore more and more readers welcome.

Fantasy Star CD-ROM database, institutions, institutions, colleges, research institutes, public museums and other units to meet the vast number of users of non-book materials, including with the book, accompanying CD-ROM, all kinds of multimedia CD- Tapes and other types of digital documents, network applications, take full advantage of modern equipment and technology, improve the level of service to readers specialized CD-ROM database. Readers through the network to access the Web home page to complete the search CD, CD-ROM download, CD-ROM functions such as request, through the network without time and space constraints, can greatly enhance the reader's reading interest and reading effect, fully demonstrated the book visibility and intuitive Practicality.

Imaginative Star CD-ROM database has been included nearly 80,000 CD with the book, nearly 10,000 kinds of updates, Welcome!


2. Instructions


  • Find resources

1. Access through the OPAC

figure 1

When readers read the bibliographic information through the library's OPAC, the "Download with CD-ROM" will appear in the bibliographic details page with CD-ROM. The reader can click to enter (as shown in Figure 1 above). If the CD-ROM in the book with the book CD-ROM, you can enter the disc's detailed page for the appropriate operation; if not in the CD-ROM database, the CD-ROM request page, the reader can fill in the name, Email, we will find the production as soon as possible The CD-ROM, and after the CD-ROM is sent to send Email to inform readers. After entering the detail page of the data, the following situations will appear as follows:

1. There is information but there is no information on the CD-ROM, the operation options are: "CD-ROM request", the user can request to create an upload CD-ROM.

2. Operating modes for ISO when the data type is virtual disc are: "Cloud Download", "Normal Download" and "Online Browsing".

3. Data types for the audio and video files operating options are: "cloud download", "ordinary download."

4. Data types for text files operating options are: "cloud download", "ordinary download."


2. Direct access to Imagination Star CD-ROM database platform

The home page is shown in Figure 2 below:

figure 2

Readers can click on the bottom of the home page of the "online customer service", QQ and Imagination Star customer service can be directly contacted to consult all questions about the system, customer service will be in working hours as soon as possible to reply. As shown in Figure 3 below:

image 3

After entering the search term, the reader enters the summary information page of the search result, as shown in FIG. 4 below, and the search result page meets the requirements of the search target red. Click the resource title to open the resource details page. The search fields include all, titles, ISBNs, authors, publishers, topics, defaults are all retrieved. Sort fields: including the title ascending order, the title descending order, the last modified time in ascending order, the last modified time in descending order. On the right side of the page, faceted search is provided, which means that the information about the publication year, subject, and publisher are streamlined. For example, a mouse click on "2012 (5)" will return 5 items of the publication year of 2012.


Figure 4

  • Use of resources

Readers in the summary information page, click on the title of the data, you can enter the data details page, provide a variety of CD-ROM download methods (normal download, cloud download, offline download) and online browsing and other operations. As shown in Figure 5 below:

Figure 5

CD-ROM download and browse a variety of terms explained:

Ordinary Download: No need to install the client can be downloaded directly (lower version of the browser, such as IE6 does not support more than 2G files, you can use thunder and other third-party download tools or use cloud download)!

Offline download: Applies to the center of data, the local cache space situation. Readers click on the "offline download", the pop-up prompt window, the reader input personal information including name, email. The server can push the data downloaded by the reader to the offline request, send the cache address to the reader if there is a cache, and if the cache is not pushed from the center to the cache, send the data detail page to the reader email.

Cloud download: The client does not install the pop-up bubble tips need to install the Imagination Star client, the client machine has been installed on the client through the polymerization link multi-source address download, download faster than normal download, download more than 2G Single file, support HTTP.

Remote download: no need to install the client, access to the Internet traffic restrictions with caution (lower version of the browser does not support more than 2G files, you can use thunder and other third-party download tools or use cloud download)!

Online browsing: readers do not need to install the client, direct online access to CD-ROM content, CD-ROM content and on-demand downloads. (As shown in Figure 6 below)

CD-ROM request: by the reader to enter personal information, including name, email, apply for a message. The administrator can apply for the reader to deal with, if the processing is completed directly to the details of the information page address sent to the reader email.

Figure 6

  • Client Downloads

Software Name: Imagination Star client, you can download in the home page

Installation Precautions:

1 client installation process due to modify the registry and registration service program, you will encounter anti-virus software or firewall software, please allow to pass and join the trust zone. If still can not be installed properly, you can directly exit antivirus software or firewall, re-download and install the client, to be installed before you turn on anti-virus software or firewall.

2.IE8 browser above the default security level is higher, there will be to prevent the client's control load problem. Click "cloud download" and other operations, it will prompt whether to allow the client to run, as shown below:


  1. The client will be automatically updated, please do not close the client update program window when the client prompts to upgrade.

  2. If there are other issues, the problem can be screenshots, problem description sent to customer service.

ISO file usage

Download a good ISO file how to use

1. The downloaded ISO file decompression tool to extract use

Unzip open the folder that you can install and use

2. Install the virtual CD daemon.exe

Install and run the virtual CD,

After running will appear in the lower right corner of the desktop,

Then right-click to load the disc

Click mount image, select the ISO file, click open to load successfully.

Then back to the desktop, double-click my computer (as shown below), the ISO file can be loaded, you can run directly to install.