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Wisdom education "English language training service platform" is the industry's top teachers, the latest content, updated timely, foreign teachers online learning service platform for English. It brings together a group of top-ranking teachers, including Zhaoshao Cheng, Oral English Master Zhai Shaocheng, Master Writers Wei Xiaoliang, IELTS Master Le Jing, etc., and 56 domestic famous teachers, all of whom are brand teachers of New Oriental 10 years of teaching experience, helping more than 500,000 students to study in the United States . Platform contains the latest and most complete TOFEL \ IELTS \ GRE \ GMAT \ University English CET, Master of Arts and other teacher courses and foreign teachers online writing, spoken approval one-on-one service, but also can help you polish study abroad documents to improve performance.

1, ultra clear quality courses, video courses all have ultra-clear quality, multi-position shooting, with subtitles in English and Chinese, visual and auditory input occur simultaneously to minimize attention fatigue, so you enjoy the atmosphere of large tracts of love Learning.

2, Gathered the domestic top teachers, to enhance the efficiency of learning English: 70% of domestic English training teachers in intellectual education lectures, their publications together 92, to help 70,000 students successfully entered the Ivy League, TOP50 top elite.

3, foreign teachers to modify services online, unique foreign teachers online, manual diagnosis and correction services to help students get a high level of one-on-one language learning counseling, through the network to submit oral and essay foreign teachers one by one diagnosis, correction, error correction, comment.

4, Zhenti by the essence of lectures, the top foreign exam teaching experts, Harvard, Yale, Columbia teachers, test scores for you all the top questions for you, all popular textbooks and exam questions by mass.

5, free handouts download. Wisdom network Each teacher courses are accompanied by the latest and most complete handout information, readers download, free to use.

6, interactive live lecture hall. Provide a flexible teaching environment, get rid of the constraints of time, space, size, participate in online live and real-time exchange and interaction with the teacher and student friends.

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