FiF Foreign Language Learning Resource Library

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Years of availability: June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2019

Authority control method: IP control

Database Description:

The product is based on the world's leading voice technology, and integrates a large number of high-quality foreign language learning resources, covering oral training camps based on IETF Core Voice Technology, reading e-books, online course libraries, playing multilingual and audio-visual training field , Test arena, teaching resources and other core modules, to provide learners with the world's best collection of multi-media resources and foreign language information, listening and speaking resources, speaking courses, professional English courses, multi-language learning courses, General English, Professional English , Professional English, comprehensive English courses to improve all-round foreign language ability, Chinese and foreign language learning master lecture, human-computer interaction speech synthesis and evaluation system, online simulation test system real-time access to test results and evaluation, multi-terminal synchronization adaptive learning system Learning seamlessly switch between PC, mobile phone, Pad, accurate statistical learning records and collection footprints of personal center, professional content R & D team to ensure that learning resources updated daily, for the majority of foreign language learners to provide one-stop online learning experience and accurate learning records Statistical analysis is the library and college foreign language institutes Department of foreign language learning preferred digital products.

First, the module content:

  1. Fun multilingual --- Use of foreign research community as a foreign language learning professional publishing resources to build multi-language learning resources.

  2. Test Arena --- Including years of various foreign language exam Zhenti is a set of personalized simulation training system.

  3. To enjoy the e-book --- more than 3000 copies of the original, bilingual books, Chinese and English barrier-free switch to enhance the reading experience.

  4. Online course library --- suitable for independent learning course design follow the language learning. Regular content quality assurance, course content prepared by the authoritative review.

  5. Audio-visual training field --- the collection of global audio-visual resources, listen carefully listen to listen to everything, rich and vivid content subjects, hearing is no longer difficult to commit crimes.

  6. Teaching Resource Station --- Relying on the experience of 30 years of professional teaching materials compilation experience, covering more than 1,200 sets of teaching materials more than 1,200 units of PPT courseware. Facilitate teacher teaching, but also as a preview of the resources for students to review.

  7. Learning Information --- Daily push a variety of fresh learning advice and resources, combined with current events to show new ideas in foreign language learning.


How to use:

1.IP without permission to register within the scope of the direct access to the repository, using the default account to start learning.

2. In order to better record your learning trajectory, using the personal center, collection, footprint and other functions, to achieve off-campus learning, we strongly recommend that you register your personal account information. Register successfully in the school account, can also be used normally outside the school it!