First, check the new client requirements

1. Check the new client should be the main task of investigating new topics or projects, or are familiar with the technical content of the project, to explain the technical points of the project personnel.

2. In the search process, the client should cooperate with the search staff to check the new topic based on the search for new points to jointly determine the search concept and search terms. When investigating a new topic, the investigating staff should check the new client for positive answers and timely communication and help the new staff to select and compare the related documents of the new topic, so as to ensure the objectiveness of the new search conclusion ,accurate.

3. The new client should not interfere with the search activity, and should not exert any proactive impact on the search personnel.

4. The client holds different opinions on the new findings, and may submit the opinions and supporting evidence to the new inspection agency within one week after receiving the "Technology Search and Examination Report."