Second, download and fill in check the new contract basic information column

1. Check the new client directly to the site set up a special check website to download online "science and technology search and new contracts," and follow the instructions to fill out the "technology search and examination contract."

(1) Check the new subject name column: Requirements and application of the project or the title of the same subject, at home and abroad also need to fill in the new title English title.

(2) Entrusting unit column: The format is the name of the unit plus the name of the subject person in charge. The contact information should include the telephone number, cellphone number and Email address of the subject person in charge and the contact person.

(3) Check the new purpose and check the new fence (fill in the actual search purpose, not vacancies.)

  • project to check the new (reporting plan, open question); (for example: to declare the 2012 new doctoral programs of higher education special research fund new teachers issues)
  • Results check new (appraisal results, declare reward); (for example: to declare the Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award)
  • other (please specify) (for example :)