Third, check the new contract points and check the new technology to fill out

1. Science and technology points

The "science and technology points" of the new project should fully reflect the overview of the new project, briefly describe the background of the project, the technical problems to be solved, the solutions adopted for solving the technical problems, the main technical characteristics, the technical parameters or indicators, and the application Scope and other related technical content (avoid the blank description and the modification of the main technical content, advertising advertising language). For different purposes of the search project, from the wording to be focused:

(1) The project inspection should summarize the domestic and international background of the project, the main science and technology contents to be studied, which problems should be solved and the specific targets (targets) and levels to be reached;

(2) Project appraisal should be briefed on the research background of the appraisal project, the main scientific and technological characteristics of the project, the innovations of the completed project compared with existing researches, technologies and processes, the main innovations, Project science and technology data and quantitative indicators. Scientific research projects should briefly explain the background and development trend of the project area, clarify the significance of the research, academic level, major innovations and advantages;

(3) The patent application project shall state the main technical characteristics or scope of the project, compare with the existing (patent) technology and highlight the innovative contents of the project;

(4) Development projects (products and technologies) shall briefly describe their use and functions, and introduce the main technologies (technical combinations), components and performance indexes that can reflect their technical level. Comparing with the parameters of similar products at home and abroad, Has reached the scale (small test, pilot, industrial production) and effectiveness;

(5) Applying for scientific and technological achievements incentive project shall state the background, basic principles and technical indicators of the project at home and abroad, the level of the project, the economic and social benefits compared with similar research, and promote the application prospect.

2. Check new point

The checkpoint is the part of the technical point that requires verification of the novelty, that is, all the technical innovations that reflect the novelty of the project. Generally speaking, new search points should be extracted from the technical points or all the key technical points in the technical points. However, the general technical characteristics of the new points should not be listed as new points of investigation, and the contents not covered in the technical points should be avoided New points (generally require that each check a new topic no more than 2 check points).

Fill in the case:

Title: MW-level VSCF wind turbines

Science and technology points:

Wind power is a renewable and clean energy that is developing rapidly. With the maturing of wind power generation technology, the current international fan development direction is that single capacity to large-scale development, megawatt-class capacity fan has entered the commercial operation stage, the fan from the set pitch, constant speed to pitch change, variable speed Operating direction. At present, megawatt wind turbines that have been put into commercial operation in foreign countries mainly use variable-pitch variable-pitch technology and variable-speed constant-frequency control, and the fans work well. Domestic wind turbines are used for kilowatts, most of which are the introduction of foreign products, including the introduction of fixed-mill megawatt fan.

According to the bidding project of "Megawatt VSCF generator set" selected by the national "863" program in subsequent energy sources, this project draws up the main research contents and expectations through the research on the development of wind power equipment at home and abroad Reached the goal. It is planned to adopt the advanced manufacturing technology imported from German JACOBS Company and the combination of independent research and joint research to develop a wind turbine with a megawatt speed variable pitch pitch. Through the implementation of the project, the basic mastery manufacturing technology of the megawatt-class separation motor to promote the development of China's wind energy utilization industry.

Check new point:

1. Using variable speed variable pitch technology from the megawatt wind turbine.

2 inverter using IGBT technology, microprocessor controlled pulse width modulation (PWM) power electronic components control.