Fifth, check the new contract to fill in other projects

1. Reference materials The background materials of similar science and technology at home and abroad and relevant science and technology closely related to the task of searching new texts should be provided (as far as possible, foreign language documents including English search terms should be provided to ensure that the search term is the common professional vocabulary in the field) For the search agency in the process of checking the new reference process.

2. Check the new information provided by the client directory directory client volunteered to provide the project application, project research reports, project returns, feasibility studies, project development reports, technical reports, summary reports, laboratory reports, test reports, product samples , User reports and related awards materials, etc., for the search and examination agencies in the handling of new business reference.

3. The term, place and method of performance of the contract period shall be filled in according to the date when the client needs to check the new report. The place where the contract is fulfilled shall be filled in "Harbin". The mode of fulfillment of the contract shall be filled out in "Submit the inspection report and deliver the inspection fee."

4. The confidentiality responsibility column shall include the contents, the deadlines and the responsibilities that should be borne by the new organization for keeping the confidentiality of technical contents and materials confidential. (This new station does not receive confidential new applications)

5. Check the new report the scope of use of the column and check the contents of the new purpose of the column, which provides the subject to check the new report purposes.

6. Check the new fees and payment methods column in accordance with the amount and manner agreed by both parties to fill in.

7. Explanations of the name and terminology columns fill out the key words and terms related to the technology research point and explain.

Note: check the new contract, any agreement between the parties do not need to fill in the terms of the space to fill in the entry (/) said.