Six, delivery report matters needing attention

1. The new inspection agency will provide inspection reports in accordance with the agreed time. If the investigation of the new client entrusted to multiple simultaneous search of new content (including the same investigation of new topics with multiple checkpoints), the completion time may exceed the prescribed time, the specific completion time required by the search staff as workload and check the new client both parties If the new client is required to check the new report in advance, it will need to consult with the new personnel and deal with it in an expeditious manner (at least 5 working days should be checked in China, 10 working days at home and abroad should be guaranteed at least , Special circumstances discretion).

2. Generally provide two original copies of the new report to the client, the client if the need for more than one, should be explained in advance, the cost of another.

3. When the client proposes to revoke the new search, if the search has been completed, the search fee will be charged; if the new report has been completed, the new search fee will be charged. If the client to check the number of new reports and the timing of the completion of special requirements, are required to check in advance to inform the new members to ensure that the client's request can be fully satisfied.