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Science Library is the first batch of science publishing house digital publishing and construction of key projects, is the domestic content for the book resources for the first online full-text publishing platform, is the first independent intellectual property rights of high-tech academic monographs as the main content of comprehensive online reading platform , Contains many award-winning academician books, key series, representing the highest contemporary academic standards, has won the highest award in China's publishing industry - "China Publishing Government Award." At present, the resources collected on the platform are divided into e-books and e-books, totaling more than 43,000 kinds, taking the books of 2000-2015 as the main body, dating back to 1951 at the earliest. Discipline is divided into six topics: science, technology, medicine, life sciences, humanities and social sciences, earth sciences and the environment. The e-book series includes more than 1,000 sets of quality science books headed by four series of books: "Flora of China", "Chinese Zoological Society", "Chinese Academy of Sciences Science and Society Series Report" and "History of Science and Technology in China".

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