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"Software interoperability "is a self-service network learning system that learns quickly and masters all kinds of mainstream software operation skills through computer video, and is also the only POS-oriented orbit learning database system (POS DB - Practice Oriented Study Database) .

The "software interoperability" computer skills video learning system is the first practical skill learning video database successfully developed by Zhong Xin Jinqiao Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The software interoperability computer software is to quickly learn and mastery of various mainstream software Operating skills self-service network learning database system, is currently the only one large-scale skills practice learning database system (POSDB).

At present, the software-based video resources cover 12 major categories of computers, over 60 kinds of application software, more than 90 computers, such as graphic, 3D, video, industrial design, web site website design, program development, database construction, office applications and operating system applications. Version, the video has a total of nearly 10,000, nearly 2000 hours of video and audio to explain more than 3000 annual update video, basically covering the life of our work and tools used in the work.

The video system by the high-level technical experts on-site practical demonstration and accompanied by full voice to explain, so dull and boring software learning image specific, easy to grasp and attractive. All video tutorials are super professional, practicality and synchronization, video resources cover the computer's most mainstream 37 applications. The "software interoperability" system uses the entire teaching of voice and video synchronization examples, without the need for personal guidance, ready to watch anytime practice, easy and intuitive grasp of various types of application software operating skills and skills.

The entire system uses the website form, the navigation information is clear, the function is complete and clear, do not need specialized training to master the use method. Course full voice and video to explain, illustrated, easy to learn. All software learning in accordance with the level of learning and operating skills are divided into the primary difficulty, intermediate and advanced, suitable for different learning needs.

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