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"Learning network of all media independent learning library" set of personalized learning, intelligent testing, authoritative information, open interactive Q & A, personal space as a whole, is the first to provide "learning, practice, test, question and answer" full service self-study Platform to help teachers and students improve all-round self-learning ability. The platform has nearly 1,000 courses, including basic courses, specialized courses and popular test counseling, covering most of the major disciplines; online intelligent testing, hundreds of thousands of selected questions, including foreign language, PubMed, civil servants, accounting, law, medicine, construction projects More importantly, the platform provides tens of thousands of knowledge points interactive knowledge database, while providing Q & A service, breaking through the traditional online learning, encountered problems can not answer the impact of learning effects The situation. "Learning network of all media independent learning library" to build a curriculum, exams, exercises, information, questions, answering a complete learning cycle. Platform has a powerful intelligent analysis capabilities, providing users with historical intelligence analysis, the results of comparative analysis between users, ranking results, knowledge collection and other functions. In the learning process, encountered any doubts at any time at any time through the "one-click questioning" function into questioning platform questions.

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