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"Is Paul remote education multimedia library" series of products, covering foreign language exams, graduate entrance exams, accounting exams, civil service exams, judicial exams, medical exams, various types of professional qualification exams more than two thousand online courses, by the top domestic teachers Teaching, to help teachers and students successfully passed all kinds of examinations to enhance professional ability and enhance employment strength.

In addition to having almost all the tutoring courses required by teachers and students, the website also provides the best interactive service platform on the Internet, including the test information center, the teacher's center, the full consultation center, the leading international call center, the fine products Q & A center, student interaction center, test simulation center and other value-added services.

Is Paul distance education multimedia library course content is divided into four major parts:

1. Basic ability category:
College English Test (including English CET, Oral, IELTS, Minor, Legal English, Medical English, Financial English), Postgraduate Entrance Examination (Mathematics, Politics, English), National Computer Exam.

2. Professional ability category:
Professional exams for undergraduates, certified public accountants (CPA), national judicial examinations, state civil servants, local civil servants, customs clearance eligibility and so on.

3. Practicing ability category:
Securities practitioners qualifications, accounting qualification, banking qualification, new accounting rules and other types of professional qualification certificates.

4. Medical exam categories:
Practicing physician, assistant physician, pharmacy, clinical examination, attending physician, nurse qualification and so on.

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