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Founded in 1947, ACM is the oldest and largest computer education and research institute in the world. At present, the services provided in more than 100 countries, membership of more than 80,000 professionals, covering business, academia and government units. It is devoted to the development of information technology education, research and application. It publishes the most authoritative and forward-looking publications such as professional periodicals, conference proceedings and news coverage. In 1999, it started providing the electronic database service-ACM Digital Library full-text database.

Over the past few years, the ACM full-text database has added the full text of all publications from the 1950s to the present, as well as the publication of the Special Interest Group, including newsletters and proceedings. ACM also integrates with third-party publishers to fully integrate the "The Guide to Computing Literature," a bibliographic data and abstracts database that brings together publications from ACM and more than 3,000 other publishers , Designed to provide professional and non-professionals with a window into the resources of computer and information 

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