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Founded in 1931, the American Institute of Physics (AIP) aims to "promote the development and spread of knowledge in physics and the benefits of physics for humankind." AIP is a specialist publisher of research journals, magazines, CDs, conference proceedings, and directories (including print and electronic). AIP provides a full range of professional publishing technology and services, from management and coordination, editing and proofreading, to the preparation of the literature, etc., are completed by the high-quality professional publications. The distinctive online database and high quality online journal delivery have led to AIP's leadership in the publication of electronic journal of physics.

s a historically prestigious science publishing house, publications by AIP and its members account for more than a quarter of the research literature in the global physics community, including general physics, applied physics, chemical physics, geophysics, Medical physics, nuclear physics, astronomy, electronics, engineering, equipment science, materials science, mathematics, optics, vacuum science, and acoustics.

For libraries and institutions around the world, journals learned by AIP and its members have become central to the physics-related literature. Given its prominence and influence in academia and AIP's own highly-defined editorial standards, its publication incorporates the most important and currently most prevalent research papers written and published by leading physicists from different parts of the world With commentary articles.

The well-known physics portal AIP created, Scitation (, contains over 100 physics-related journals from about 20 publishers and provides free access to user bibliographies and abstracts.

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