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In 2014, Cambridge University Press published 336 academic journals covering various fields such as science and technology, humanities, medicine and engineering. Among them, 233 species were collected by SCI, SSCI and AHCI, accounting for 69.35%; 187 species were recorded by SCI and SSCI, accounting for 55.65%; 46 species were collected by AHCI.

Science and technology: a total of 119 kinds of journals, of which 93 were included SCI, the ratio was 78.15%. Subjects cover physics, materials science, life sciences, mathematics, computer science, earth and atmospheric science, agronomy, astronomy, psychology and so on. Among them, mechanics, mathematics, materials science, environment and conservation biology, agriculture, neurology and psychology and other subjects known. Behavioral & Brain Sciences is the No.1 SSCI journal, and Journal of Fluid Mechanics has been the flagship of Fluid Mechanics; in addition Laser and Particle Beams, Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics, Journal of Materials Research, MRS Bulletin and others Leader, with a high academic standards. ESAIM: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, Compositio Mathematica and other applied mathematics journals are in the SCI Mathematics Q1.

Humanities and Social Sciences: A total of 207 kinds of journals, of which 137 were SSCI or AHCI included, the ratio was 66.18%. Disciplines cover all aspects of humanities and social sciences, of which the field of study, linguistics, political science, economics, law, history and other disciplines. American Political Science Review, World Politics, and Journal of Economic History rank first in their respective disciplines. International Organization, China Quarterly, Journal of Global History, Comparative Studies in Society and History rank the top five in their respective disciplines. Studies in Second Language, Chinese Today and other linguistics journals are indispensable for foreign language teaching and research in many comprehensive universities. Publications such as the World Trade Review that cooperate with well-known international organizations are also favored by domestic scholars.

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