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DDS (Dissertation Discovery System), the dissertation integrated discernment system, is a professional system for data integration and knowledge discovery of dissertations. The language is English.

DDS mainly contains excellent master's degree thesis from more than 1,200 well-known universities in Europe and the United States, 70% of which are world famous universities outside the United States. DDS involves more than 280,000 instructor teachers and over 23,000 professional majors in 13 major academic disciplines such as science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, administration, economics, law, education, literature, history, philosophy, military affairs and arts. Research is very important information resources.

DDS is easy to use and provides two navigation methods: college navigation and subject navigation, and provides three retrieval methods: quick search, advanced search, and secondary search. The fields that can be retrieved are: title, author, keyword, full text, school, mentor, year range and degree type, etc. Complex logical relationships are supported within and between terms; Alternative. Online National Dictionary provides English reading aid function.

In the search results, DDS was able to "find essays similar to the topic of this essay: N articles," and "discover the number of essays instructed by the tutor: N articles," "discover the tutor's students: N people" Name list; found that the school degree thesis N articles, found that the professional orientation dissertation N articles. This is all based on the careful labeling, indexing and in-depth digging of each dissertation field, thus discovering the existence of these social relationships and the linking of subject knowledge for readers to use.

DDS is a full-text database that provides full-text download or document mirroring via network mirroring technology to ensure 100% full-text image service.

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