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The ESI database is a basic analysis and evaluation tool for measuring the performance of scientific research and tracking the trend of scientific development launched by the world's leading academic information publisher ISI (American Science and Technology Information Institute) in 2001. It is based on the ISI Citation Index Science Citation Index SCI) and the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) for more than 9 million articles from over 8,500 academic journals worldwide. ESI conducts statistical analysis and ranking of countries, research institutes, periodicals, dissertations and scientists in 22 specialized fields such as agronomy, biology and chemistry to help users understand the rankings of scientists, research institutions (universities), countries (Cities) and academic journals in a subject area of development and influence. ESI also analyzes research performance in selected research institutes, countries, companies and academic journals, examines the research output and impact of specific research areas, evaluates potential collaborators, critics, peers and employees and tracks areas within the natural sciences and social sciences Research trends

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