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e-print arXiv is a free electronic preprint database funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy and set up at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States. It was first established in August 1991. After 2001, transfer to Cornell University for maintenance and management. The preprint database, sponsored by Dr. Ginsparg, is designed to facilitate the exchange and sharing of scientific research results. E-print arXiv currently contains 780,000 pre-printed literatures in four disciplines: physics, mathematics, non-linear science and computer science. Researchers in accordance with the format of the paper after the typesetting, through the Internet, E-mail, etc., by subject categories uploaded to the appropriate library. It should be noted that the essay sent to the pre-print library without any review, nor any preconditions to determine whether a thesis can be sent to the e-print arXiv library, in fact, this is the default principle of accountability . Earnings The essay in the library can be peer reviewed whenever and wherever possible, and essay authors can refute such comments. While submitting papers to e-print arXiv, essay authors may also submit papers to academic journals for publication. Once the essay is published in a journal, the e-print arXiv records will be added to the journals Period information. e-print arXiv Preprint Databases are of great benefit to expediting the exchange and sharing of scientific research results, helping researchers to keep abreast of the latest research developments in this discipline, and avoiding duplication of research work, and are of great reference to scientific researchers value.

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