Substitution inspection

Retrieve certification

Information Consulting Department relying on our rich database resources for our school and the country to provide users with a variety of purposes and many forms of information retrieval services.

Literature included and cited search service

Identify the documents by SCI, EI, CPCI, China Knowledge by means of the author's name, unit, title, year of publication, title, volume, period, page number, meeting name, time and place of the author Network and other databases included and cited cases, and based on the search results issued by the search certificate.

Service method

Library Information Department for the school to provide users with library services.

1, the school users: the user to retrieve your library issued a certificate, the search results required by the format of the library online print. Other matters, please go to first district library 406-1 room consultation Lin.
2, Off-campus users: Please provide the user with a paper search directory, including the title, the author, the source of the literature, the publication year and the date of the page number and other details (Note: foreign language databases provide English information), indicating the name of the database to be searched Make sure the search is accurate.
Note: Off-campus users need to bring valid documents into the library and reserve enough time according to the retrieval needs in order to get the retrieval results in time.

Location: HIT First Campus Library Room 406 ~ 1
HIT Second Campus Library Room 414
Tel: First district: 86414637 Second District: 86281175


  • School user service

Time: Every Monday to Friday

AM: 8: 00 --- 11: 30 PM 1: 30 --- 5:00

  • Off-campus user service

Time: Every Monday to Thursday (Note: Not accepted on the first two days of the month)

Morning: 8: 00 --- 10: 50, 1: 30 --- 2: 30 pm

Financial Department Tel (the invoice matters): 86417726