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HIT library search work began in 1986, is to carry out search work earlier one of the units, in 1998 was approved as China Aerospace Industry Corporation Technology check new station, in January 2015 was approved as the ministry of ministry of science and technology Check the new station.

In addition to various print editions of Chinese abstracts, books and periodicals, the HIT library has a large number of online and CD database resources including SCI, EI, CPCI, Derwent Patent Full-text Database, SD Database, IEL database, CNKI, Wanfang database and other professional databases at home and abroad; In addition, we are online with the United States Dialog database company, the database covers various specialized disciplines, and more perfect our information resources, all of which provide consulting services Strong information protection.

The new station for the investigation of the school and outside the unit to accept the power, electronics, computers, automation, chemical, chemical, materials, environment, energy, machinery, biology, civil engineering, science and engineering research projects of the new search. Over the years, the new search station for the investigation of this school and the school has completed the investigation of new issues thousands. In the future, we will continue our efforts to further enrich the library's rich resources of collections and the advantages of science, engineering, intelligence and foreign languages ​​in various disciplines and to conduct higher-quality new services for scientific and technological projects, achievement appraisals and awards.

Submit Apply to check new

After your search request is submitted successfully, please wait for our staff to review it and you will be contacted by phone afterwards. You can also contact us to confirm the successful submission of the contract, Tel: 86403590-803.
If you can not access to submit apply to check new home page, please download the technical search new contract template, fill in the required Email to:


In order to ensure the objectivity and authenticity of the science and technology check-in process, the timely and effective completion of scientific and technological projects should be completed in time and efficiently, and it is required to check the new clients for the following items :

First, check the new client requirements

Second, download and fill in check the new contract basic information column

Third, check the new contract points and check the new technology to fill out

Fourth, check the new contract terms to fill in

Fifth, check the new contract to fill in other projects

Six, delivery report matters needing attention

Seven, the commission process

1. Accept the user commission

1.1 Commissioned to check new users to check new units to check the new request, check the new client should be the main members of new projects, familiar with the project technical content, to explain the technical points of the project.

1.2 Check the new staff and users to seriously talk to clarify new requirements, in-depth understanding of the issue, a clear check new point.

2. Fill in the "new technology search contract"

New clients should check and sign new contracts seriously; provide new technical background, research contents and results, brief introduction of innovative points; provide detailed technical information for new projects, including research reports, technical work summary and test reports; Inform the project members of the published literature both at home and abroad, provide the correct keywords, and provide the possible reports and clues about the project as much as possible.

3. The establishment of new technology search contract

New clients and new search companies in a clear new search requirements and check the capacity of new units under the circumstances, in accordance with the principle of new voluntary search and check contracts.

4. Implementation of technology search

4.1 Develop a search strategy

The correct choice of keywords

Select the appropriate database, search tools and core journals, monographs, the choice of search system both professional and comprehensive, reflecting the comprehensiveness, unity and continuity;

Develop appropriate search strategy.

4.2 Search age should be based on different types of search to be identified

Research project projects: since the new date, pushing 10-15 years;

Outcome of the identification of categories of projects: since the new date, pushing 10 years;

Prize awards projects: since the new date, pushing 15 years;

Technical consulting and other types of projects: since the new date, pushed forward 15-20 years.

4.3 adjust the search strategy

In the process of retrieval, the retrieval strategy should be adjusted and revised according to the actual situation so as to obtain the effective retrieval result. When the search result is zero or there are too many search results, the search strategy should be adjusted in time.

5. Complete science and technology search report

5.1 Check the new staff Check out the literature, select the representative, targeted and comparable closely related literature, comparative analysis to determine the novelty of new items to be found, drafting a new report.

5.2 If necessary, according to the new project under the professional and scientific and technological characteristics, as well as other actual situation, select a number of peer experts as Chaxin consulting experts.

5.3 auditors based on "science and technology to check the new norms," ​​the relevant literature and check the new science and technology projects the main points of the comparison results, check the new procedures and check the new report audit.

5.4 Check new members to fill out a new report, make a scientific, objective and fair investigation report.

5.5 Check new members and auditors in the search report new signature, stamped with "Science and technology search new seal" after the entry into force. Check the new report in triplicate, two copies of the user, one for future reference.

5.6 If users have any objection to the inquiry report, they may submit the inquiry to the new staff. If they can not solve the problem, they shall be reconsidered with the experts.

6. Submit a new technology search report

According to the new contract in the agreed time, manner and number to check the new client to submit new search reports and attachments, and return the client to submit the relevant technical information.

7. File archiving

After submitting the new search report, the new staff will check the new project information, check the new contract, check the new report and its annex, check the new consultants advice, check the new members and auditors record of work and other records, and regularly transferred to File manager.



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