Commissioned system

In order to successfully complete the technology check-up work, the Commissioning System has been formulated in accordance with the "Rules for Examining New Technologies" promulgated by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

1. Acceptance of new technology commissioned by the scope of the survey

1.1 According to the survey of the new station personnel configuration, the resources of the allocation of resources, the main hall to accept the investigation of new professional areas mainly for the science and engineering, science and technology admissibility new specialty include: mechanics, physics, mechanical engineering, instrumentation science and technology , Materials Science and Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Marine Science, Communication and Information Systems, Electronic Science and Technology, Management Science and Engineering.

1.2 In view of the small number of new search units in the province, in order to meet the needs of users, with the support of fraternal units, they are also engaged in other specialized searches.

2. Science and technology new orders entrusted to accept the conditions 2.1 The Museum of the provisions of Article 1 within the scope of expertise to accept new business search.

2.2 The following conditions, the museum reserves the right to refuse to check the new commission

(1) beyond the professional scope accepted by the museum;

(2) After many conversations, it is still impossible for the new client to check out all the innovation points or technical points of the new item search;

(3) Check the new client can not issue new information related to the search of technical information;

(4) The time required for checking the delivery of the new client is too short to ensure the quality of the new search.

3. Entrusted science and technology projects new project acceptance principles

3.1 Strictly follow the voluntary search principle, independently, objectively and impartially conduct scientific search consulting.

3.2 negotiate with the user to learn more about the situation related to the subject, determine the subject to check new and search terms.

3.3 In view of the difficult problems appearing in the process of searching for new posts, timely exchange and consult with users for exchange of opinions.

3.4 timely completion of a new task, submit to clients on time search report.

3.5 check the new results must be examined by the new auditor review.

3.6 in strict accordance with science and technology check the new charges for fees, charges introduced to the user in advance.

3.7 Respect the interests of users to ensure that relevant parties to check the relevant rights and interests of the commissioned to check the new project's technical content, confidentiality obligations.

3.8 In case of special circumstances, can not complete the search new requirements, should contact the user in a timely manner, through consultation.

4. Check the new project acceptance process

4.1 Client can telephone, E-mail, the designated web site to check the new organization to apply for new search,search for new technology by the search staff to check new projects,by the related disciplines professional new staff or check the new head of business officially accepted check the new.

4.2 Guide to check the new client Fill new search request, at the same time remind the client to carefully read the "Notice to users" and "fee system", and to the user details search consulting advice.

4.3 check the client to fill in new power of attorney related to the content is comprehensive and accurate, the user is not clear or difficult to fill in the problem or special inquiry inquiry requirements, the user may consult, or make recommendations for the user reference.

4.4 Please entrust the client to submit a detailed description of the project technical information, such as the project's technical background information, the project summary report, the results of application or research reports, published the relevant literature, a preliminary examination of the information submitted by the commissioner is complete, whether check New requirement

4.5 Talk to the new client seriously, listen to the new client about the new project introduction, understand the project's technical background, research content, research methods and technical characteristics, to understand the user's grasp of this project and similar research different Department, a preliminary judge to check the new point of the new project.

4.6 and check the new client on the new search requirements, check the new range, completion time, check the new charges and so on.

4.7 Check with the new client to enter into a new search contract, the contract in duplicate, unified number, and signed or sealed by both parties after the entry into force, and keep records for future reference.