These Regulations are formulated in accordance with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Preservation of State secrets" and the "Regulations on the Protection of Science and Technology".

1. Check the new staff, auditors should consciously establish a sense of confidentiality, to protect the interests of new applicants from damage, and maintain the reputation of science and technology check station and image.

2. Any confidential new search questions shall not be divulged in any form to any third party for any information related to the subject, such as the name of the subject, the content of the research, the research methods, the members of the research group, and the like.

3. For the files, drawings, etc. that have been discarded that involve the confidentiality inspection, they shall not be taken out of the inspection station and should be shredded immediately.

4 for confidential new search questions, in communication and exchange with the applicant shall not take e-mail, QQ, MSN and other means.

5. For confidential new items to consult the relevant consultants to seek the approval of new items for the applicant, and confidential requirements to the consultant. Consultants need to sign the name and reading time.

6. "Science and Technology Search" and "Science and Technology Search Report" should be kept in a confidential filing cabinet, designated by the custody of people without the approval of the new station owners in writing, no person shall check the search for new documents. Due to business needs, the following people and organizations can check the new search documents:

(1) Check the new client or the new client (or organization) clearly appointed by the new client;

(2) Third parties permitted by laws and regulations (such as scientific and technological administrative departments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, scientific and technological achievements management agencies of the departments under the State Council, directly affiliated institutions, and directly affiliated institutions);

(3) a professional inspection organization with jurisdiction;

(4) Departments and organizations that have the function of appraising and judging intellectual property of the client and its new search results.

7. Document classification preservation, confidentiality requirements of the investigation of new topics file information counters custody. Confidentiality documents are submitted in writing only and electronically on CD-ROM.

8. Regardless of the confidentiality requirements of the client, the new organization and the new staff should check the client's entrusted with the search of new items of science and technology secrets, the information provided, check the new conclusion of the implementation of confidentiality. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the "Science and Technology New Search Contract" and the "Technology New Search Report" shall be kept for five years in principle.

9. In the event of a leak, it must be immediately reported to the new station owners, no delay, no concealment, so as not to lose the opportunity to track down and remedy. Emergency calls can be reported first, and then make up the written materials. Chaxin station owners should take immediate and effective measures to develop programs to track down, in time with the departments concerned to organize the pursuit of tracing, the investigation of the situation should be continued at any time.

10. For investigators who violate the above provisions, the auditors and the new workstations will give warnings, serious warnings, payroll bonuses and stop the checking of new jobs according to the seriousness of the circumstances. Those who are serious will resort to the law.