Feedback system

In order to solicit the opinions of clients newly subscribed, to track the social benefits and economic benefits of declared projects / projects in a timely manner, and continuously improve the quality and level of consulting work, we formulate detailed rules of this user feedback system.

First, the implementation of job responsibility system, set up a special person in charge of user feedback.

Second, the use of regular centralized reporting methods, the "science and technology search results of new user feedback form" by letter, fax and other means entrusted to check the new user units / individuals, fill in feedback or suggestions.

Third, the establishment of user feedback file management system, the user feedback form will be retrieved by project archiving.

Fourth, At the end of each semester, the staff of Chaxin Station must check the new quality feedback opinions in the statistical term and summarize it in tabular form. The corresponding analysis must be made to fully and accurately reflect the technical status of science and technology check-ups and new semesters during the semester, and be submitted to the department leaders for revision and finalization.

Fifth, Conduct a survey every year to check the new quality feedback survey and make a survey on the new reports made by the whole year according to the categories as follows:

(1) Whether the project has been approved or not, whether the project has passed the appraisal and whether it has won the award;

(2) What opinions have users and experts made about the new search report?

(3) check the new staff quality of work, work attitude and effectiveness of the feedback.

Sixth, Chaxin station leaders listen to the new department at the end of each semester to check the new quality of feedback feedback summary and analysis report, and make the appropriate instructions and take relevant measures.

Seventh, According to the feedback, if necessary, modify the feedback form of the user to continuously enrich and improve the feedback content.

Survey methods include telephone surveys, E-mail surveys, communications surveys, Internet queries. The survey time is generally early next year. On some key topics can follow the survey at any time.