Hiring science and technology consulting new experts check the relevant provisions

First, hire new search consulting experts meaning

Technology search is to avoid duplication of scientific research projects and objectively and correctly determine the scientific and technological achievements of the novelty, advanced a set of tasks. Because technology innovation is aimed at a specific research area, it is impossible for investigators to grasp the development trends and related professional knowledge in various fields of specialization. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of new findings, relevant personnel must be hired Experts and scholars in the field of disciplines supervise and guide the investigation of new work in order to make the findings of the new investigation scientific and authoritative.

Second, hire a new search consulting experts conditions

According to the "New Technologies for New Technologies", the library will set up a database of new experts for inquiry and give full play to the role of experts in consulting new products to improve the quality of new products. Consultants to check the new search should meet the following conditions:

1, support the "Constitution of the People's Republic of China";

2, abide by national laws and social ethics;

3, the hired experts must be academic leaders, doctoral tutor, professor. It has a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in searching new projects and is familiar with the development of science and technology in this field at home and abroad and has certain authority in this field.

4, Familiar with the new judgment and analysis of the principles and points;

5, with a rigorous scientific attitude, good professional ethics.

Third, hire new search consulting experts approach

1, to ensure that the new findings can be scientific, timely access to the conditions, the hired experts in principle, no geographical restrictions.

2, nominated by the library, the experts agree, submitted to the school for approval by the academic committee, formally appointed as Check the new consulting experts.

3, issued by the library search expert advice card, and reported to the Ministry of Education for the record.

4, Every two years according to the situation to make appropriate adjustments, hire ample time achievements of experts, resignation can not assume the task of investigating new experts, the implementation of the rolling appointment system.

Fourth, check the new consulting duties of experts

Check the new consulting consultants mainly undertake search consulting, professional advice, audit conclusions, the specific functions are as follows:

1, review the new work rules and regulations and related documents;

2, to determine whether the retrieved documents for the same research literature, comparable literature is appropriate;

3, to find new staff to provide professional knowledge advice;

4, review and decision-making major work in the search of new technology issues, review search zero search project;

5, check the new quality supervision and inspection, provide feedback information;

6. Each year, the library will inform the new consultants recruited about the status of the new search work. The experts shall attend the session on time and carefully listen to the reports and actively make suggestions and criticisms.

Fifth, check the new consultation code of conduct experts

Check the new consulting experts should abide by the laws and regulations of the country, adhere to the attitude of seeking truth from facts, rigorous scientific attitude in the search for new, not illegal, derelict of duty, fraud, fraud, under the premise, should also abide by the following code of conduct:

1, independently issued to the search agencies to issue hiring new search advice.

2. When providing new inquiry services (verbal or verbal) to search agencies, they should be objective, fair and not subject to personal interests.

3, maintain the intellectual property rights of owners of new projects. All materials concerning the new search project should be returned to the new inspection agency, no other organizations or individuals may be allowed to diffuse, and no illegal possession, use, provision and transfer of the scientific and technological achievements of others should be made.

4. No disclosure of the scientific and technical contents of the new project and the new conclusion of investigation should be disclosed to organizations or individuals other than those explicitly designated by the new organization.

5, may not personally contact with the new clients check, the results of the successful person, the results of the user (purchaser, transferee), task force, issuers or subject delegate, if indeed need to verify the addition of a certain information, may Ask for new organization.

6, can not be used, rely on not fully supported support, conclusions and judgments on certain characteristics; can not be used, rely on the lack of full support, think these features together may make the search results of the new search results Good or worst judgment.

7, should be completed within the time agreed with the search agency to check the new advisory services.

8. The inquiry opinions (whether written or oral) provided should be clear and accurate to reflect the reality of the new project and its related circumstances, and should not be misled. Check the new consultation advice should contain enough information to enable new search agencies to correctly understand.

9, may not be a variety of ways to collect new organizations outside the search organization, individuals to provide consulting fees or consult the new items of value.