Opinions of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Further Regulating the Work of Searching New Technology Institutions by the Ministry of Education

Subordinate to all colleges and universities:

In order to further strengthen the management of scientific and technological search and examination in higher schools, standardize the behavior of new search and examination agencies, ensure the quality of the new search and verification work, and make search and examination of science and technology a strong support for scientific and technological innovation, Hereinafter referred to check the new organization) work to make the following comments.

First, establish and improve the management system conducive to the search for new institutions

(1) The Ministry of Education shall check the novelty of its science and technology contents as approved by the Ministry of Education with the qualifications of searching for science and technology according to the needs provided by the client, and shall provide scientific and technological updates Check the new service of university information consulting agencies.

(2) The science and technology search and examination shall adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, objectivity and fairness, and ensure the independence of the activity of searching for new posts and the accuracy of finding new conclusions.

(3) The Ministry of Education shall, in accordance with the needs of the academic development and the science and technology search and examination of new businesses, ascertain the qualifications of the colleges and universities engaged in the examination of science and technology. Qualified colleges and universities may apply to the Ministry of Education for science and technology audit of new business qualifications.

(4) The Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education shall be specifically responsible for identifying, managing, guiding and coordinating the institution for checking new universities.

(5) The university applying for science and technology new business qualification shall meet the following conditions:

1. Have more than 15 years and search for new areas of expertise related to domestic and foreign literature resources or database;

2. With international online search system;

3. There are 3 or more full-time staff (including 3) who have obtained the qualification of science and technology examination by the State or the Ministry of Education, of which there are not less than 1 senior professional and technical titles;

4. A sound search new rules and regulations:

5. Have more than 3 years (including 3 years) check new business practice;

6. Other conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Education.

(6) apply for new business qualification of colleges and universities, it should submit the following materials:

1. An application signed by the principal and stamped with the official seal of the school;

2. The agency's new business rules;

3. In the application to search new professional range, can prove engaged in search of new business resources and ability related materials;

4. Other materials requested by the Ministry of Education.

(7) The Ministry of Education accredits colleges and universities applying for new business qualification according to certain procedures. Access to new business qualification of colleges and universities, awarded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology issued a new seal, and announced on the Ministry of Education website.

Second, to further clarify the new agency's rights and obligations

New search agencies in accordance with the law of science and technology search business independently from any organization or individual unlawful interference.

(1) The new search agency may accept the following new technology search business within the approved professional scope:

1. Scientific research projects need to check the new;

2. Research, development, conversion and technology transfer process need to check new;

3. The relevant state and local regulations require a new search;

4. Other need to check new.

(2) The new search agency shall not accept the new search commission beyond its approved scope of expertise. New search agencies can refuse to check the following conditions commissioned:

1. New clients can not accurately describe their new search requirements;

2. Check the new client can not be issued with the search content related to the technical information;

3. Check the new client proposed new search content beyond the new search criteria.

(3) The new search agency shall, according to the contract, keep the technical secrets provided by the new client. Anyone who is involved in state secrets shall be subject to the relevant provisions of the "Confidential State Secrets Law of the People's Republic of China" and the secrets of science and technology.

(4) The new search agency shall, in accordance with the technical contents and requirements of new search, consult with the new client of the new search, conclude a contract in accordance with the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and issue a scientific and technological check to the new customer at the time and mode agreed in the contract New report

(5) The new search agency shall determine the new search fee in accordance with the charging rules stipulated by the local price department; if there is no definite regulation, it shall consult with the new check-in client and the contract stipulates a specific search fee.

(6) According to the nature of research and innovation, service targets, business areas and other characteristics, the new agency should cooperate with the scientific research management department and actively carry out the work.

Third, to strengthen the supervision and management of new search agencies

(1) The Ministry of Education implements the annual inspection of the new inspection agencies, the annual inspection time is the first quarter of each year.

The new agency shall, within the prescribed time, submit the following annual inspection materials to the authorized organ:

1. Annual inspection report;

2. A copy of the business license or school approval for the establishment of a new inspection agency;

3. A list of the latest science and technology projects and fees;

4. Check the new staff changes;

5. Check the new staff to participate in professional continuing education and training;

6. Other materials requested by the Ministry of Education.

Failure to apply for the annual inspection of the new organization as the prescribed time, deemed to automatically give up science and technology search business qualification.

(2) The Ministry of Education timely organizes spot checks on new search agencies. Spot checks include:

1. Check whether new staff qualifications;

2. Whether to check the new technology according to new norms;

3. Check the new report is in line with norms;

4. Whether fulfilled the terms of the new search contract;

5. Check the new file is complete;

6. Internal audit review system is sound;

7. Is there any violation of discipline in the actual operation?

8. Ministry of Education provides other content.

(3) A new inspection agency that fails the annual inspection and random inspection shall make rectification within a period of three months and suspend its search for new businesses during the consolidation period. After the rectification is over, the Ministry of Education will conduct further inspections and the qualified applicants will be allowed to continue practicing. If the unqualified persons fail to pass the examination, the Ministry of Education shall cancel the qualification of their science and technology inspection business.

(4) The full-time personnel of a new search agency shall accept the training of technology search and examination business commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education.

(5) If a new investigation agency issues a false new investigation report to others or causes any loss resulting from its work, it shall bear corresponding legal liabilities; if the circumstances are serious, the Ministry of Education shall cancel its qualification of searching for new business.

(6) search for a new organization lost the new business search chapter, it should be declared in the national press invalidated, before applying for a replacement to the Ministry of Education. No unit or individual may forge, alter, rent, lend, transfer or sell any new business seal.

April 13, 2004