Quality assurance system and supervision system

1. Harbin Institute of Technology Library new technology search work in accordance with the implementation of the Ministry of Science and Technology to develop the "new approach to scientific and technological institutions", "General Office of the Ministry of Education on further standardizing the Ministry of Education's scientific and technological innovation agencies," and "New Technology Standards" . Use the new contract search and new search report format recommended by Ministry of Science and Technology. Comply with laws and regulations, policies, management measures and regulations on science and technology check-in by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Department of Reward, and the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education.

The new recruits study and follow the implementation of the following laws and regulations relating to the examination of new technology: Regulations on the Evaluation of Scientific and Technical Achievements, Regulations on the Confidentiality of Scientific and Technological Secrets, Regulations on Awards for Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Contract Law of the People's Republic of China, Regulations on the Management of Registration of Contracts, Several Provisions on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, the State Secrets Law of the People's Republic of China, the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Science and Technology, the Intellectual Property Law of the People's Republic of China, Republic Patent Law. "

2. The science and technology inspection work adopts the system of express warranty, quality assurance system of process control and target assessment as well as the establishment of user feedback system, sampling or visit of library curators, annual quality inspection, sampling and guidance of external experts, etc. To ensure that science and technology inspection work in line with regulatory requirements, and to ensure its quality and effective supervision.

3. Check the new quality assurance and supervision of specific measures

3.1 library Develop and improve the "science and technology to search for new jobs related to personnel positions" and "science and technology to search for new staff training system," fundamentally ensure that check the quality of new recruits and perform their work ability to meet the requirements of scientific and technological search and new work, and pay attention to check the new Personnel knowledge update and education;

3.2 The library every year to develop the document resource construction program, should take full account of science and technology required new sources of literature resources, by the audit staff to participate in the audit to ensure that check the new resources to meet the demand;

3.3 library development and improvement of the "science and technology check the new commissioned by the system" and "science and technology check the new user information," a clear client in the search process of the obligation to cooperate with the new recruits to complete the task of science and technology to check the new work, Timely and full communication and communication with the client; at the same time to inform the client to complete the search work required to ensure that new recruits have enough time to complete the new search;

3.4 to develop a reasonable "science and technology search and new work flow," and asked to check the new members of the strict implementation of work processes, to avoid missing any one link, resulting in quality problems;

3.5 Check the new members in strict accordance with the Ministry of Science and recommended that the search and report format and requirements to write "Technology Check Report", the auditors strictly reviewed, confirmed by the Ministry of Science and Technology check new seal;

3.6 Establish a new directory of experts consulting, if necessary, check new members may seek advice on the subject of expert advice;

3.7 Check the new auditors In search of new recruits to develop search strategies, select the scope of the search, the initial completion of the new report, are given a serious review of the quality of the search process to control;

3.8 School Support The Library recruits 3-5 masters and doctors each year. The library should timely arrange new staffs to attend the recruits training according to their needs, expand the number of new recruits, and further satisfy the demand for new recruits when the new topics are concentrated , And then check the new report quality;

3.9 The library information consultation department should maintain regular contact with the school science and technology management department in order to obtain the status of application, review and other relevant activities, encourage relevant scientific research personnel to entrust the new search in time, and strive for full time for the new work in the school. For the extra-school project, Entrustment may be accepted only if sufficient time is available to consult with the client in order to conduct a review of the subject;

3.10 Through the implementation of new responsibilities, enhance the responsibility of inspectors and auditors, to avoid or reduce short-term batches of checks caused by the assault error. Specific measures to implement the new responsibility to investigate is to check the new recruits from the subject to the completion of the task by the person responsible for the responsibility to the people. The investigation of the failure to complete the task as scheduled, or due to improper search strategy lead to major missed seized, misdemeanors, by investigators responsible for; auditors responsible for the subject, such as the new report after the issuance of quality problems by the reviewer Be responsible for;

3.11 Formulate and comply with the Quality Feedback System for New Technology Checks, comments on user feedback, unscheduled sampling or return visits by library curators, quality inspection of libraries, sampling and guidance by external experts, exchange of peer experts, check the new station annual inspection and other activities found in the problems or deficiencies should promptly notify the search and update the new staff and urge rectification, and constantly improve the scientific and technological search and examination work, continue to improve the quality of new search reports, to ensure that customer satisfaction.