Reward and punishment approach

In order to further improve the quality of inventories, expand the range of new searches and make major breakthroughs in the number of new searches, and in order to encourage inspection staff to undertake more new tasks, encourage and train non-staff personnel to actively participate in the new audit work, The following specific incentive mechanisms and specific incentives are specifically set out below:

First, personnel training and organization

At present, there are 5 fixed science and technology research institutes, accounting for 1 new topic / 5 working days and 1/10 working days at home and abroad. The full workload is 160 domestic research topics (at home and abroad 80 items).

Second, incentives

(A) on-the-job staff technology search new workload method Reward:

1, bonus commission base

The basis for revising a new topic should be: The total amount of basic workload in the current year (160 for in-country examinations or 80 for home and abroad). At present, the new charges for examining new charges in our library are: 500 yuan / Annual inspection fees paid to check 60,000 as a reward for the lower limit, only to reward more than 60,000. The total amount of rewards is the total amount of new fees paid in the collection hall minus the basic expenses of the completed project, and then the proportion drawn from the corresponding extra workload. The commission part of the end of each year with the new library check station a one-time settlement.

2, incentives

According to the number of excess issues from the excess search fees from the corresponding proportion (including inspection of new audit commission) is divided into four grades:

In the first grade, over 30 domestic (15 domestic and overseas) new research projects were completed, with a 17% commission.

The second grade, exceeding the domestic 30 to 60 (15 to 30 at home and abroad) to investigate new issues within the commission 22%;

In the third grade, over 60% of China's domestic and foreign 30-45 survey subjects were overfulfilled, with a 27% commission.

Fourth grade, over 90 domestic (45 at home and abroad) to check more than new topics, commission 32%.

3, the main method of bonus is generally not distributed to the hands of librarians, bonuses are mainly used for training, overtime subsidies, published articles page fees, department activities and other funds.

(B) scientific and technological personnel part-time job search incentives

Implementation of a labor-based, according to labor management, according to the actual completion of the individual year, the new investigation of the total cost of 18% of the total commission (including 3% of the project audit commission), other workload is not considered in the calculation.

(C) Supplementary staff (no new certificate of probation personnel) Scientific and technological innovation new job reward As it is to assist in the completion of part of the task of new work, the incentive costs are not separately listed, it is recommended that the assisted staff depending on the size of the workload, commission from the commission In the amount of subsidies, but each subject shall not be less than 30% of the commission costs.

The project files include checking new contracts, checking new reports, checking major scientific and technological materials of new projects, consulting opinions of new consulting experts, and checking work records of new personnel.

2 file management requirements:

(1) Check the new file is a confidential file, you must appoint someone to keep.

(2) The relevant materials for each new project shall be collected, collated and filed by the new assignee of the project. After the completion of the new search, all the materials on the project should be transferred to the custodian of the file in a timely manner. The file custodian should establish a file register and check the items one by one according to the requirements for acceptance and registration and sign both parties.

(3) Check the archives for keeping records and keep the archival documents in accordance with the annual filing. The archives of the project are numbered according to the annual numbers and be loaded into the archives according to certain standards. The counters are stored and archived into the electronic archives of Chaxin Station.

(4) Check the new archives custody should have a fixed place, dedicated security filing cabinets and special computers, and by the person responsible for the management.

(5) In the past five years, the new inquiry file will not be borrowed. Relevant personnel to access the archives five years ago must be approved by the new person-in-charge for inspection and go through inspection formalities. After inspection, they should be promptly returned. Inspection personnel must check the designated location, are not allowed to punctuate or write on the file materials, can not be removed for reading.

(6) According to the requirements of the file management department, the search personnel should promptly check the information of the new project, check the new contract, check the new report and its attachments, check the opinions of the new consulting experts, check the working records of the new recruits and auditors, and computer File management, promptly check the new report to the national search new work database.

(7) Archivists and other relevant personnel must strictly follow the system of keeping files in a highly responsible spirit. In the event of file loss, disclosure or damage, they will be held accountable and dealt with severely.