Check the new work rules

In order to carry out the policies, regulations, rules and measures of the State Ministry of Science and Technology on the science and technology consulting work, ensure the seriousness, impartiality, accuracy and independence of the new work of science and technology projects, institutionalize, normalize and scientifically verify new work With reference to the relevant documents issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of New Technology Inspection Institutions" and the "New Technologies for Examination of New Technologies", etc., these Detailed Rules are formulated.

1 technology search new business basic terms and definitions of the description

The different understanding of the scientific search terms and their specific connotations often lead to obvious deviation from the new search or new reports. Therefore, to correctly understand the basic meaning of commonly used terms in the search for new jobs is to do a good job of searching for new businesses basis. The details of the new key terms of investigation are as follows.

1.1 check new

The new search technology is a new search technology, refers to the new search agency based on the new client needs to verify the novelty of the contents of science and technology, in accordance with "New Technology Regulations" and the rules of the operation, and draw conclusions. Therefore, the core of the new work is to understand and grasp the newness of the new project. It is not only a special topic search, but also a thematic information consultation. It is to provide document verification results for evaluating the "novelty" of scientific research and project establishment, and to make objective and confirmatory conclusions as to whether the "same result" has already been obtained. The new report does not have the power to evaluate or conclude the "creativeness", "advancement" and "level" of commissioned projects.

1.2 Check the new point

Check point is the need to verify the essentials. Can be understood as the "innovation point" of a new project, which refers to the technical characteristics that reflect the novelty and advancement of an outcome compared with the existing technology, the general technical characteristics or non-critical technical content of a new project It should not be used as a checkpoint. The purpose and destination of the new search is the verification of the innovative point. Therefore, the new point of investigation is the focus of the whole process of the new search, which is the fundamental basis for the confirmation and selection of the relevance of the document, the analysis and comparison of the search results, and the conclusion of the new search.

1.3 novelty

Novelty means that the contents of science and technology of a new project before the date of the investigation of new registrations have not been published in publications at home and abroad. Its core is to check the new date, the same result, the publication of open, others open, the results of their own publicity does not affect the content of its novelty judgments by other partners is an open intellectual property disputes, check the new report does not make the decision Genus. The principle of judging the novelty of science and technology projects is:

(1) The same principle of exclusion: the same or substantially the same technical solution to "the same project" as the scientific core technology, and the expected effect is the same as in the prior art. The results of which have been published publicly by others in domestic and foreign publications, that is, the latter is no longer novelty;

(2) The principle of individual comparison: comparing the technical points of the new project with the technical contents of each relevant document separately, rather than comparing the contents of multiple related documents;

(3) The lower class concrete concept negates the higher class - general concept principle;

(4) break through the traditional principles. If check the new project's technology beyond the conventional limit.

1.4 points of science and technology

The main points of science and technology can be understood as the subject of the project, which fully reflects the project's overall overview. It summarizes the technical fields, background technologies, technical problems to be solved, technical solutions adopted, main technical characteristics, technical parameters or indicators, Effect and application range and other related technical content. The main points of science and technology play an important role in the verification of novelty. The investigators should fully understand the technical connotation of the project in view of the topics defined by the "major points of science and technology", select the appropriate search strategy in the subject-related technical fields, Within the literature analysis and comparison.

1.5 Keywords

Keywords refers to those who can fully reveal and describe the subject matter of the document has a meaningful, important, key words. Often appear in the literature title, abstracts, the text. It is different from the formalized "thesaurus" (or "subject term") based on the vocabulary in the study of philology, as well as the "free word" which is completely unrestricted and bound. Therefore, in the literature search, should take into account both.

1.6 Search Strategy

The search strategy refers to the overall plan formulated to achieve the goal of the search, which is the planning and guidance of the entire search process. Specifically reflected in the search report search keywords in the selection and its logical match. The search formula must truly reflect the check-out process of the relevant documents listed in the new search report. The logical combination of search formulas, the Boolean logic operators and the position operators must be consistent with the retrieval requirements of the database used. The final version of the search formula Search results can not be zero.

1.7 Related documents

Relevant documents refer to the related documents of the same type of project related to the topic of new project (please specify author, title, title, year, volume, period, page). Relevant documents and items under investigation should belong to the same kind of research, its content is comparable, otherwise it can not be used as relevant documents.

1.8 closely related literature

Closely related literature refers to the literature that most closely resembles the topic of the new project in the relevant literature. Missed inspection of closely related documents directly affects the judgment of the novelty of the new search project.

2 science and technology to check the purpose and function

2.1 to provide an objective basis for scientific research projects. Through the activity of science and technology innovation, it demonstrates that whether entrusted to search for a new topic has novelty in terms of argument, research and development goals, technical route, technical content, technical indicators, technical level and so on.

2.2 To provide an objective basis for whether there is novelty in the appraisal, evaluation, acceptance, transformation, reward, etc. of scientific and technological achievements so as to ensure the scientificity and reliability of the appraisal, assessment, acceptance, transformation and reward of scientific and technological achievements.

2.3 to provide reliable and comprehensive information for scientific and technical personnel research and development.

3 Acceptance of new technology commissioned by the scope of the survey

3.1 According to the survey of the new station staff configuration, the literature resources, the main hall to check the new professional areas mainly for science and engineering: mechanics, physics, mechanical engineering, instrumentation science and technology, materials science and engineering, engineering and engineering power engineering Thermal physics, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, civil engineering, environmental engineering, chemistry, marine science, communications and information systems, electronic science and technology, management science and engineering disciplines.

4 new technology commissioned by the acceptance conditions and confidentiality requirements

4.1 The main hall within the provisions of Article 3 of the professional scope of the new search business

4.2 The following conditions, the museum reserves the right to refuse to check:

(1) beyond the professional scope accepted by the museum;

(2) After many conversations, it is still impossible for the new client to check out all the innovation points or technical points of the new item search;

(3) Check the new client can not issue new information related to the search of technical information;

(4) The time required for checking the delivery of the new client is too short to ensure the quality of the new search.

4.3 The museum according to the Ministry of Science and Technology "New Technology Regulations" to maintain the intellectual property entrusted to check the owners of new projects, not good at or to provide others, the transfer of new clients entrusted to provide technical information and scientific and technological achievements.

4.4 Except for the following persons and institutions, the Museum does not disclose to anyone the sci-tech secrets and new findings of new projects:

(1) Check the new client or the new client (or organization) clearly appointed by the new client;

(2) Third parties permitted by laws and regulations (such as scientific and technological administrative departments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, scientific and technological achievements management agencies of the departments under the State Council, directly affiliated institutions, and directly affiliated institutions);

(3) a professional inspection organization with jurisdiction.

5 science and technology search new document database and retroactive years

Retrieval of databases and documents according to the specific commissioned items to check new requirements identified. The duration of the search for the literature is based on the status of the search for new project categories and research areas. The general principle is:

(1) research projects to check the new, from the date of the new investigation pushed 10-15 years;

(2) check the results of appraisal, from the date of the search for a new push 10 years;

(3) declare reward check new, from the date of the new search for 15 years;

(4) technical advice and other types of search, from the check-up date push 15-20 years.

6 commissioned the investigation of new technology projects accepted

6.1 General principles

(1) Strictly observe the voluntary principle of checking new posts, independently, objectively and impartially conduct scientific search and consultation;

(2) Discuss with the user, learn more about the situation related to the subject, identify the new topic and the search term of the subject;

(3) In view of the difficult problems appearing in the process of searching new customers, timely exchange and consult with the users and exchange opinions;

(4) Finishing new tasks on time and submitting the new search reports to clients on time;

(5) check the new results must be examined by the new auditors review;

(6) In accordance with science and technology in strict accordance with the new charges for fees, fees introduced in advance to the user;

(7) Respecting the interests of users and guaranteeing the relevant rights and interests of the parties involved in the search and examination shall bear the duty of confidentiality on the technical contents of the entrusted search and check-up projects;

(8) In case of special circumstances, can not be completed to check the new requirements, should contact the user in a timely manner, resolved through consultation.

6.2 check new project acceptance process

(1) Checked by the new web site to check the investigation of new projects commissioned by the relevant disciplines professional new staff or check the new head of business officially accepted Chaxin;

(2) Instruct new clients to fill in new power of attorney, at the same time, remind clients to carefully read "Notice to Users" and "Charging System", and explain to users in detail the relevant requirements of new inquiry;

(3) Check whether the relevant contents of the new power of attorney filled in by the consigner are comprehensive and accurate, and may consult the user or make suggestions for the user's reference if the user is not clear or difficult to fill in or has special inquiry requirements;

(4) Please entrust the client to submit a detailed description of the project technical information, such as the technical background of the project, the project summary report, the results of application or research reports, the published literature, a preliminary examination of the information submitted by the commissioner is complete, whether In line with the new search requirements;

(5) Seriously conversing with new clients, listening to new clients' information about new projects, understanding the technical background, research content, research methods and technical features of the project, understanding the project owned by the users and similar research Differences, a preliminary judge new point of investigation of new items;

(6) reached a consensus with the new client on the new search requirements, check the new range, completion time, check the new charges;

(7) Check-in with the new client to enter into a new search contract, the contract in duplicate, unified number, and signed or sealed by both parties after the entry into force, and keep records for future reference.

7 Search of science and technology search work

7.1 Preparation before retrieval

(1) clear search purposes;

(2) According to the purpose of searching, determine the specific level of the new project to be investigated and the extent of the discipline, so that the theme concept can accurately reflect the core content of the new project;

(3) to determine the type of search literature and the scope of the professional search, time range;

7.2 The scope of the search and search tools to determine

(1) After checking the main contents of the new project to be examined, the new recruits should determine the scope of the search according to the research contents of the new project to be searched and select the search tools. Quasi, ensure the quality;

(2) The domestic literature search of new items to be searched should be searched according to the characteristics of the domestic databases, and the selection of scientific and technical journals, scientific and technological achievements, academic conferences, patents, dissertations and other literature type databases should be conducted to prevent the missing records;

(3) To search Chinese databases, search conditions should be relaxed and relevant documents should be screened through manual judgment.

(4) To search the foreign literature of the new item to be searched, first select the American DIALOG index document to conduct the document scanning; if the scanning result is found, the hit database has its own electronic collection, the first choice is to use the electronic resources hidden in the library to obtain the literature; Not into the database, still have access through DIALOG;

(5) To determine the search term, consider the innovative points or technical points that can be used to express the new project, and comprehensively search for them in combination with synonyms, related words, acronyms, multiple spelling, ending changes;

(6) In addition to choosing the general literature database, we should consider choosing the Business Database and the printed version of the product category reference book to ensure that new products will be searched.

(7) Based on the topic content of the new search project and different search tools, the correct preparation of the search strategy;

(8) Using the electronic resources of our museum to test the search strategy, the purpose is to test whether the search strategy can accurately retrieve the documents related to the new project to be investigated, understand the distribution of the documents, and check whether the search terms are correct or not;

(9) According to the results of the test, make adjustments and revisions so as to avoid the case where the search result is zero. Too many or too few documents have been checked out, based on the analysis of the contents of the questions, from the following ways Adjust the search strategy:

① increase or decrease the number of search database;

② check the search results from other fields set in the database;

③ re-select the concept of superordinate or lower term search terms to expand or reduce the scope of the search.

7.3 Official search

(1) Formal search should be based on the adjustment of search strategy;

(2) Searching staff to retrieve the bibliographies and abstracts of relevant documents, organizing the search attachments into a unified format; For the closely related documents, the original texts must be found and put into the new files for preservation.

8 to write technology research report

8.1 Check the main content of the new report

(1) Basic information: including checking the new report number, checking the new project name, checking the name of the new client, checking the date of new appointment, checking the name of the new agency, checking the new address of the principal, postal code, telephone, fax, email, Name of the member, name of the auditor, date of completion of the search, etc.

(2) Check the new purpose: can be divided into the project to check the new search results such as new; check the new project including the declaration of all levels, all kinds of science and technology programs, research projects before the beginning of the collection of information, including the identification of new achievements, declare the reward Wait;

(3) Check the science and technology points of the new project: refers to the main scientific and technological characteristics, technical parameters or indicators of the new project, the scope of application;

(4) Check new points and check the new requirements: refers to the new items to be verified need to verify the essentials;

(5) Document search analysis and retrieval strategy: List the search database, reference book and reference book that ascertain new staff after checking the new project;

(6) Search Results: The new staff should be based on the search of new technology points, the search results are divided into general relevant literature and closely related literature;

The "search results" should reflect the existence of relevant documents hits in the retrieved databases and reference books and a comparative analysis of the main arguments of the relevant literature, including the following:

① check the database hit the relevant documents briefly described;

② According to the degree of detection of the relevant documents at home and abroad are listed separately in two cases;

③ For closely related documents, a summary of the original text may be used, with a brief description of each article attached as an attachment, and the original document shall be searched for in the new file.

④ If new recruits are worried about the quality of new products or have difficulty in checking new products, at least two experts may be selected as new consultants according to the specialty, scientific and technological characteristics and other actual conditions of new items.

(7) Check the new conclusion: check the new conclusions should include the following:

① the relevant documents were detected;

② search results and check the new project science and technology

③ check the novelty of the new project to determine the conclusions.

(8) check the new members, auditors statement: package 栝 check new members, auditors signed a statement, the statement reads as follows:

① The facts stated in the report are true and accurate;

② We check the new technology in accordance with new standards, document analysis and review, and to make the above search conclusion;

③ The remuneration we receive has nothing to do with the analysis, opinions and conclusions contained in this report, nor is it related to the use of this report.

(9) Attachment: This document mainly includes the bibliography, abstracts of the relevant documents and original copies of closely related documents.

8.2 Check the basic requirements of the report

(1) The new search report adopts the standard format stipulated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the content meets the requirements of the new search and authorization. The time and manner of submission comply with the prior agreement of both parties;

(2) The new report should adopt the descriptive writing method, using standardized terminology and text symbols. The units of measurement shall conform to the current national standards and norms, and shall not be used in ambiguous and ambiguous terms.

(3) The description of the analysis and technical characteristics in the new search report should be based on objective facts and documents and should be realistic in its content, not including any personal subjective judgment and prejudice.

(4) After checking the new report, the new staff will check the new report and all relevant materials and submit them to the auditor for review.

9 technology audit report review

9.1 The auditor is responsible for examining whether the check-in procedures conducted by the new recruits are standardized

(1) Check the new search tool to determine the search engine, database selection is appropriate;

(2) The choice of the search term and category is appropriate;

(3) Whether the detected documents are of the same type;

(4) is the comparable literature appropriate?

(5) check whether the relevant documents collected by the new recruits are complete;

(6) Is the interpretation of the proposed document correct?

(7) Check the new conclusion is objective and accurate;

(8) Check the new report is normative;

(9) to review the new comments submitted.

9.2 Audited unqualified audit report should identify the reasons and responsibilities, if the responsibility of the client, you should request another fee re-examination, if the responsibility of the search for new staff, by the search staff is responsible for re-examination.

9.3 audit qualified search report, signed by auditors, seal.

10 to submit new technology research report, the new search technology documents archiving and database login (separate rules and regulations)